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Servers Page

Getting there

  • Select the menu icon () to expand the left-side navigation menu and select Servers

The Servers page lists all the servers known to the Administrative Console. These servers are saved in a file, which gets read when the Administrative Console server starts, and gets updated when a server is added or removed from this list. The dashboard uses this list to find all the Client Managers that are monitored.

From the Servers page, users (with access) can view read-only Information for each listed Server. From this page users can also Add and Remove Servers from the Administrative Console.

Adding and Removing Servers

  • See the Adding a Server page for instructions on adding a server.
  • See the Removing a Server page to learn how to remove servers from the Administrative Console.

View the Read-Only Servers Properties Page

By selecting the lightbulb icon from the Servers list, the Servers Properties page can be viewed. For more information, see the Servers Properties page for a description of the information displayed.