Login Help

Desired Username

The username you select for your login needs to be unique. If the username you provide is already in use, you will be prompted to choose another one. Usernames can include letters, numbers, underscores and dashes. Spaces, periods, other punctuation and special characters are not allowed.

Security Question

If you ever need to reset your password, you will need to identify yourself via a security question and answer. Please choose a question and response that is hard to guess.

New Password Response

For your own security, make sure that the security question and answer are difficult to guess. A Response that is a phrase will be harder to guess than a one-word or number response.

New Password

Try not to forget your password. It will be encrypted beyond our ability to recover it. If you should forget it, and can not remember the response to your security question, you will have to start over and create new User and Application Profiles.

Important Data Protection / Privacy Notice for European Union and Australian customers

Any personal information you supply will be used to process your registration for a login account. If you do not supply the personal information which is identified as required, we will not be able to process your registration. This information may be processed and recorded in one or more database(s) controlled by Micro Focus and NetIQ.

This data may also be used by Micro Focus and NetIQ (inside or outside the European Union and Australia) and partners for other purposes besides a login account. If you do not wish your personal data to be used for direct marketing purposes, or shared with other Micro Focus and NetIQ entities or partners inside or outside the European Union and Australia, please opt out in the appropriate section according to the entity with which you created your account (Micro Focus, NetIQ).

You may access and change any of your personal data by logging in and editing your profile or by contacting your local office.

Important information if you were a Passport user

If you had access to the Micro Focus systems via Passport and are re-registering to retain the access you had, your e-mail will need to be identical to the one you used previously as this is used in the system matching process.

It will also need to be accessible by you as you will need to complete the validation process for security reasons before you can access some of the Micro Focus systems.

If you have an existing record and the e-mail address needs to be changed to match the one you used in Passport then the functionality can be found on the left hand side of the screen if you follow the link noted above.