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Customizing the Process Design Studio

Each time you launch the Process Design Studio a window opens with a default perspective which is based on the Eclipse Workbench. The perspective consists of views, editors, menus, and toolbars that support a set of tasks.

You can customize the layout of each perspective, along with the views and editors associated with it. The designer environment is very flexible and you can hide, enlarge, and change the order of various parts of your designer views.

Editor View Perspective
Double-click the title bar to make the editor occupy the full screen. Rearrange views by moving and docking them and by rearranging their tabs. Use the Window menu to select view and editor options and to set layout preferences.
From the Window menu you can access the options for switching between editors, as well as maximizing the editors. From the Window menu, select Reset Views to return to the settings that were in place when you first opened the Design Studio. You can drag the palette to either side of the editor.

Restoring the Default Layout

Select Window > Reset Views to restore the designer to its default layout.

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