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BPEL Activities

The Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) specification lets you create complex processes by melding together different activities that can perform a number of different tasks. Activities are steps in a BPEL process and can be nested within other activities that define how they will run, in what order, and under what conditions. You select and drag activities from the palette to the BPEL Editor.

Activities are often divided into basic and structured activities. Basic activities are the most simple means of interacting with a service, manipulating the passing data, or handling exceptions. Structured activies define the order in which a group of activities take place. They describe how basic activities can be used to create a business process by placing those activites within a structure that can control data flow, patterns, fault handling, and external events.

The Process Designer also includes extension activities. These are activities that can add additional functionality to your process by extending standard BPEL activities.

Structured activities include

Basic activities include

Extended activities include

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