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Creating a New Project

The first step in building a BPEL process is to create a new project. When you create a project, the following files are added to a project directory under your documents folder under Micro Focus\Verastream\ProcessDesigner\workspace.

  • .bpel— the BPEL process file
  • .wsdl— the WSDL file used for this process. There may be more than one WSDL file, depending on the project.
  • All imported services and schemas— Imports folder under the project directory.
  • Other Process Designer settings and project files

To create a project

  1. Type a project name into the Name field. Project names must adhere to the XML NCName convention. This means they can only consist of letters, digits, underscores, periods, or dashes. They cannot contain spaces and must start with a letter or underscore.

  2. Type or browse to the location where you want to store the new project directory.

    The default location, depending on operating system, is C:\Users\<username\>\Documents\Micro Focus\Verastream\ProcessDesigner\workspace.

  3. Provide a BPEL namespace for your process.

    The BPEL namespace is a unique identifier of the composite service. Learn more about XML namespaces.

  4. Click OK.

Opening projects in multiple instances of the Process Design Studio

Because you can open multiple instances of the Process Design Studio and create and open projects in each instance, it is important to rename one instance of the project (using Save As) to avoid complications and unexpected consequences. You will be warned if this occurrence is detected.


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