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The Wait activity provides you with the option of delaying a process. For example, building in a set period of time to wait until a specified event has occurred.

To build a Wait activity:

  1. From the Palette, drag a Wait activity to the BPEL Editor.
  2. In the Properties view, select one of these Wait Types to specify a condition for the Wait activity:
    • Wait until - Fixed date and time
    • Wait until - Date expression
    • Wait for - Fixed duration (amount of time)
    • Wait for - Duration expression
  3. Use the calendar and drop down list to specify the date and time or duration of the Wait activity.

    You can choose to manually write an expression or create one using the XPath Expression Editor toolbar button, to customize the specified date or duration. Specify one of the following (always include the single quotes): - For a date/time, specify a date and time, such as '2008-11-12T12:00'. - For a duration, specify a time, such as 'P1DT10S'.

For examples of how to specify time/date expressions see:

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