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How to Host Your Own Java Web Service

There are many reasons why you might want to use your own Web services to create a business process. Process Designer can host Java-based external Web services and make them accessible to the Design Studio.

The Process Designer uses the Java API for XML Web Services (JAX-WS) for client and server support of Web services.

Creating Web services

This is an example of a simple Web service:

web service example

Additional resources

There are many resources that provide examples of how to write a Web service.

Creating a Simple Web Service and Client using JAX-WS

How to host your service

  1. After you create the Web service, compile it into a JAR file.

  2. Copy the .jar file to ProcessServer/services/wscontainer/lib.

    File location of Web services container

  3. Restart the Process Server.

  4. Open the Design Studio and your project. In the Services Explorer, right-click on Services, and choose Import Service.

    Import services

  5. On the Import Service dialog box, choose Import a service from the Internet. In the URL field type the address of your Web service. For example, http://localhost:9999/HelloWorld?wsdl.

    To use SSL and a secure connection, the URL should look like this: https://localhost:9998/HelloWorld?wsdl, where 9998 is a secure port.

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