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How to Log Process Information

This activity adds the ability to capture log information for the running process using the settings you provide. The Process Designer uses a Java-based logging utility, Apache log4j. The configuration file for log4j is located here: Micro Focus/Verastream/ProcessServer/conf/log4j-composite.xml.

There is a Log4j tutorial available on the Apache Web site.

To create a process log

  1. Drag a log activity from the palette to the process.

    add log

  2. In the Properties panel, set the different properties required for your log activity. Because the log extension is associated with a variable, you can also set these properties using the Copy Rule dialog box. The process always uses the most recently configured properties. For example, if you set log properties in the Copy Rule dialog box, and then set new properties in the Properties panel, the Properties panel settings will override those set in the Copy Rule dialog box.

    log properties

  3. Set the level at which you want to log events. The following table provides a brief description. See the Log4j tutorial for more detailed information.

    Logging levels Description
    <clear\> Choose this option to use previously set properties.
    TRACE Provides informational events that are more fine-tuned than those designated at the DEBUG level.
    DEBUG Provides informational events most useful for debugging the process.
    INFO Provides informational messages that highlight process' progress at a course-grained level.
    WARN Describes potentially harmful situations.
    ERROR Designates error events that may not stop the process from running.
    FATAL Describes severe errors that presumably will terminate the process.
  4. Provide a name and a message for the log.

  5. Test the process, verifying that the log is capturing the correct information. You can find the log in Micro Focus\Verastream\ProcessServer\logs\server.log

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