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Viewing and Editing Properties

All activities have editable properties. In the Properties view you can browse and edit properties for a selected element. As you select different elements either in the Outline view or the BPEL Editor, different properties are available on the Properties view.

Advanced properties

By default the Process Design Studio is in “simple mode”. This means that more advanced and less commonly used properties and options are not visible in the Properties view. To change this preference and access these properties, from the Windows menu, choose Preferences, then BPEL Properties.

When the Design Studio is not in simple mode, you can choose to see and set the following properties for each activity:

BPEL Properties

Property Description
Correlation Use to match messages and interactions with the business process instances for which they are intended.
Join Behavior Join conditions are associated with activities, usually if the activities have incoming links. A join condition specifies something like a “start condition” for an activity, for example all incoming links must have the status of true in order for the activity to execute, or at least one incoming link must have the status true.

Variable initialization

Select Automatically initialize variables is the default option. When variables are automatically initialized the Design Studio handles this step for you. However, initializing variables is an important part of creating your business process and should be reviewed carefully, especially when you are including optional content in your Web service. You can clear this checkbox to initialize variables yourself using the Initialize Variables dialog box.

Select Include Optional Content to specify that certain elements or attributes are optional. If you plan to reference any element in the variable then it must be included in the initializer. Element names cannot include spaces.

Required components can be tagged as optional. This is a common error when working with Web services. You can usually count on the generated initializer to make the best selection, and it is a good idea to not modify this option.

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