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Compensate Scope

You use the Compensate Scope activity to trigger the execution of a specific compensation handler.

The Compensate activity does not identify an enclosed scope and so executes the compensation handler on all qualified enclosed scopes, reversing the order of their completion. Compensate Scope, on the other hand, specifies one particular Scope or Invoke, one that has successfully completed, for compensation.

See What is Compensation? for more information on compensation.

To add a Compensate Scope activity

  1. From the Palette, drag a Compensate Scope activity to the BPEL Editor.
  2. In the Properties view, from the drop down list, select the target activity. The Scope must be an inner scope in relation to the Compensate Scope activity.
  3. Optional. You can provide a name and description for the CompensateScope activity on the Description tab of the Properties view.

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