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Importing Schema

In the Design Studio you can import external schema (XSD) files from the Internet or browse for schema files locally. An XML schema describes the structure of an XML document. The XML schema language is called XML Schema Definition (XSD). All projects that you create in the Design Studio use an external schema file.

Importing XSD files lets you define commonly used or required datatypes in files separate from the BPEL project file, thus giving you the option of re-using datatypes in other projects.

See W3schools for information on creating and working with schemas.

To import a schema

There are multiple ways to import a schema:

  1. Click import schema to display the Import Schema dialog box.


    Select Import Schema from the File menu.

  2. Name the newly imported schema and confirm that you are importing the correct schema file. Click Finish.

    When you import schema files they are available in the Project Explorer for you to use in multiple BPEL processes. The Outline View provides a structural view of the schema, while the Schema Editor provides a graphical interface for you to interact with the schema elements.

    Anytime you modify the properties of an imported schema you run the risk of rendering the schema unusable.

Importing schema securely

You can import schemas securely using the HTTPS transfer protocol. After a secure connection is established, the schema (XSD) file is imported in the same manner as a schema using the HTTP protocol. The Process Designer does not differentiate between files imported over HTTP or HTTPS once they are imported.

If the Process Designer detects that a service or schema is protected by HTTP Basic Authentication, the user will be prompted to provide their login credentials.

If an untrusted or invalid server certificate is encountered, the Process Designer prompts you to confirm that you want to proceed with the untrusted connection. A certificate is considered invalid if it has expired, its validation date has not yet occurred, or if there are other errors. A certificate is untrusted if it was not issued by a trusted central authority.

Updating imported schema files

If the schema definition on the host changes, it may be necessary to update previously imported schema files.

  1. In the Service Explorer, select the schema you want to update.
  2. From the right-click context menu, choose Update.
  3. Confirm the URL to the schema and click Next.

    If you are changing the URL from an HTTP to HTTPS protocol and the certificate is invalid or untrusted, you must confirm that you want to proceed with the untrusted connection.

  4. Verify the schema name and confirm the update. Once you have undated a previously imported schema file, you cannot roll back to the prior version.

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