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Importing a Service Securely

The Process Designer supports HTTP and HTTPS transport protocols and two types of authentication; HTTP Basic Authentication and WS-Security UsernameToken authentication. To run securely, you must use HTTPS as your transport. You can add one set of basic authentication or WS-Security credentials for each web service.

If the Process Designer detects that a service or schema is protected by HTTP Basic Authentication, the user will be prompted to provide their login credentials.

See Adding and Editing Authentication Credentials for instructions on how to add and edit credentials.

Updating imported WSDL files

It may be necessary to update previously imported Web services if the service definition on the host changes.

  1. In the Service Explorer, select the service you want to update.
  2. From the right-click context menu, choose Update.
  3. Confirm the URL to the service and click Next.

    If you are changing the URL from an HTTP to HTTPS protocol and the certificate is invalid or untrusted, you must confirm that you want to proceed with the untrusted connection. If you are importing a Verastream Host Integrator 7.x Web service, all HTTPS communication is handled through port 9681 and non-secure communication is handled through port 9680.

  4. Verify the service entry point and confirm the update. Once you have undated a previously imported WSDL, you cannot roll back to the prior version.

When you import WSDL and schema files they are available in the Services Explorer for you to use. The Outline View decribes the WSDL using the elements that define the service, while the WSDL Editor provides a graphical representation of the file. The two representations are linked together and when you highlight an element in the Outline view it is highlighted in the WSDL Editor.


Anytime you modify the properties of an imported service you run the risk of rendering the service unusable.

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