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Project Explorer

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The Project Explorer, which is closed by default, displays the files that compose a given Project Designer project; specifically the WSDL and BPEL files. To open the Project Explorer, from the Window menu, select Project Explorer.

Each project consists of several files stored in a project directory. In the Project Explorer you can see the directory structure and most of the files within your project directory.

Using the WSDL and BPEL files

Double-click the WSDL, XSD, and BPEL files to access the:

  • WSDL Editor – the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) file describes the business operations that are invoked to carry out the activities of a BPEL process. Each project must have a WSDL file. The WSDL Editor is where you access the schema (xsd) for your project.
  • XSD Editor – the Schema Editor is a standalone editor that provides a graphical representation of the schema file.
  • BPEL Editor – a graphical representation of your BPEL process. You build your business process here, dragging the pertinent activities from the palette to the emerging BPEL process.

project explorer

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