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Local Registry Sample Service Configuration File

The Design Studio contains a configuration (product.xml) file for two sample services and their associated images to help you configure your own local registry. The sample files are available here: <install_directory>\Micro Focus\Verastream\ProcessDesignStudio\samples.

The two services described in the sample product.xml file are:

  • A web service that reads an Excel file
  • A third party web service that provides calculator functionality

To make the sample services available to import in the Design Studio:

  1. Open <install_directory>\Micro Focus\Verastream\ProcessDesignStudio\samples.
  2. Copy the LocalRegistry folder to the custom directory. This folder is located wherever you find ProcessDesignStudio.exe (install location).

    The LocalRegistry folder contains the product.xml file and assorted images files that provide icons for the Service Explorer tree node representing the service.

  3. Restart the Process Server, open the Design Studio and continue with the import process.

Using the product.xml file

This section of the product.xml file describes how the Excel read/write service will display in the Services Explorer and Available Services list. In the product.xml file, you define the icon images and create the link to whatever documentation you want to provide. You can use this Web service to read or write to an Excel file.

Excel sample

The Excel web service WSDL file is located on the Process Server and is available for you to use. The service is always available in the Web Service Container.

local registry sample

The second web service contained in the product.xml file is a third-party service that returns a calculator.

sample configuration

To see the product.xml file for these services and review how to create your own local registry; after copying the LocalRegistry folder to the custom directory, click product.xml.

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