Identity Governance as a Service User and Administration Guide

  Identity Governance as a Service User and Administration Guide
      Understanding Key Administration and User Tasks
      Understanding Reporting
    Adding Identity Governance Users and Assigning Authorizations
      Understanding Authorizations in Identity Governance
      Adding Identity Governance Users
      Assigning Authorizations to Identity Governance Users
      Using Coverage Maps
    Creating and Managing Delegation
      Understanding Delegation
      Assigning and Managing Delegates for Yourself
      Assigning and Managing Delegation for All Users
    Customizing and Configuring Identity Governance for Your Enterprise
      Customizing Headers and Access Request and Approval Menu Names
      Enabling and Disabling Auditing Events
      Managing Logging Levels
      Customizing Email Notification Templates
      Customizing the Collector Templates for Data Sources
      Creating and Assigning Categories
      Disabling Review Email Notifications
      Extending the Identity Governance Schema
      Customizing Download Settings
    Using Advanced Filters for Searches
      Using the Expression Builder to Create Advanced Filters
      Creating and Saving an Advanced Filter — Example
      Using and Managing Saved Filters
    Understanding Data Administration
      Checklist for Collecting, Publishing, and Managing Data
      Creating an Integration Account
      Understanding Notifications
      Understanding the Identity Governance Catalog
      Understanding Data Sources
      Understanding Cloud Bridge
      Collecting Data Using Cloud Bridge
      Understanding Collectors
      Upgrading Collectors
      Understanding Data Cleanup and Archiving
    Collecting Identities
      Understanding Collector Templates for Identity Sources
      Understanding the Variations for Identity Sources
      Collecting from Identity Sources with Change Events
      Creating Identity Sources
      Assigning Identity Manager as the Primary Identity Source
    Collecting Applications and Application Data
      Understanding the Application Definition Template
      Understanding Collectors for Application Data Sources
      Understanding Variations for Application Sources
      Understanding Hybrid Permission Collectors
      Creating an Application Source
      Exporting and Importing an Application Source
      Collecting Application Data from a Single Application Source
      Collecting Application Data for Multiple Applications
      Understanding Change Event Processing
      Collecting Application and Application Definition Data Source Change Events
    Publishing the Collected Data
      Publishing Identity Sources
      Publishing Application Sources
    Creating and Monitoring Scheduled Collections
      Creating a Scheduled Collection
      Monitoring Scheduled Collections
      Understanding the Cron Expression for a Custom Interval of Collection
    Creating and Managing Data Policies
      Understanding Data Policies
      Understanding Data Policy Detections
      Creating and Editing Data Policies
      Scheduling Data Policy Calculations
      Manually Calculating Data Policy Metrics
      Comparing Collections and Publications
      Detecting and Remediating Violations in Published Data
      Monitoring Data Policy Detections and Remediations Results
      Exporting and Importing Data Policies
    Managing Data in the Catalog
      Configuring the Data Source for Post Authentication Matching
      Understanding Identity, Application, and Permission Management
      Editing Attribute Values of Objects in the Catalog
      Searching for Items in the Catalog
      Analyzing Data with Insight Queries
      Downloading Catalog Entities
    Setting up Fulfillment Targets and Fulfilling Changesets
      Understanding the Fulfillment Process
      Configuring Fulfillment
      Monitoring Fulfillment Status
      Customizing Fulfillment Target Templates
      Specifying Additional Fulfillment Context Attributes
      Fulfilling Changesets
      Reviewing Fulfillment Requests
      Confirming the Fulfillment Activities
    Instructions for Fulfillers
      Understanding the Fulfillment Process
      Performing Manual Fulfillment
    List of Collector and Fulfillment Target Templates
    Understanding Variations in Collector and Fulfillment Target Configurations
      Understanding and Configuring Active Directory and eDirectory Templates
      Understanding and Configuring Azure AD MS Graph Templates
      Understanding and Configuring CSV Templates
      Understanding and Configuring Google Apps Templates
      Understanding and Configuring Identity Manager Templates
      Understanding and Configuring JDBC Templates
      Understanding and Configuring MS Teams Templates
      Understanding and Configuring REST GitHub Templates
      Understanding and Configuring Salesforce Templates
      Understanding and Configuring SAP Templates
      Understanding and Configuring SCIM Templates
      Understanding and Configuring ServiceNow Templates
      Understanding and Configuring SharePoint Templates
      Understanding and Configuring Workday Templates
      About REST Generic Fulfillment
      About Workflow Service Fulfillment
    Creating and Managing Technical Roles
      Overview of Roles
      Understanding Technical Roles
      Understanding Technical Role States
      Understanding Technical Role Mining
      Understanding Technical Role Detection and Assignments
      Understanding Technical Role Revocations
      Creating and Defining Technical Roles
      Activating Technical Roles
      Promoting Detected Roles to Assigned Roles
      Editing and Deleting a Technical Role
      Monitoring Technical Roles and Downloading A List of Detected and Assigned Users
      Downloading and Importing Technical Roles
    Creating and Managing Business Roles
      Understanding Business Roles
      Creating and Defining Business Roles
      Adding a Business Role Approval Policy
      Publishing or Deactivating Business Roles
      Analyzing Business Roles
      Editing Business Roles
      Approving Business Roles
      Automated Access Provisioning and Deprovisioning
      Downloading and Importing Business Roles and Approval Policies
    Creating and Managing Separation of Duties Policies
      Understanding Separation of Duties
      Understanding the Separation of Duties Policy Options
      Creating and Editing Separation of Duties Policies
      Downloading and Importing Separation of Duties Policies
      Creating and Assigning Separation of Duties Approval Policies
      Configuring SoD Violation Options for Technical Roles
    Managing Separation of Duties Violations
      Separation of Duties Violation Versus Separation of Duties Case
      Listing Separation of Duties Violations and Cases
      Viewing SoD Case Details
      Understanding SoD Case Status
      Approving or Resolving an SoD Violation
      Closing an SoD Case
      Understanding Potential SoD Violations
      Approving or Resolving Potential SoD Violations
    Calculating and Customizing Risk
      Understanding Risk Levels and Risk Scoring
      Configuring Risk Levels
      Configuring Risk Scores
      Setting and Viewing Risk Calculation Schedules and Status
      Viewing Calculated Risk Scores
      Exporting and Importing Risk Policies
    Administering Access Request
      Understanding Access Request
      Configuring Access Request for Identity Governance Users
      Creating Access Request Policies
      Creating Request Approval Policies
      Understanding the Default SoD Approval Policy
      Creating and Editing Request and Approval Forms
      Using Workflows to Approve Requests
      Downloading and Importing Access Request and Approval Policies
    Instructions for Access Requesters and Approvers
      Reviewing Current Access and Requesting Access Removal
      Requesting Access
      Monitoring, Retracting, or Retrying Your Requests
      Approving Access Requests and Monitoring Approvals
      Approving Potential SoD Violations
      Comparing Access of Multiple Users
    Creating and Modifying Review Definitions
      Creating a Review Definition
      Customizing Review Display
      Configuring Reasons for Review Actions
      Downloading and Importing Review Definitions
      Creating a New Review Definition from an Existing Review Definition
    Understanding the Review Process
      Understanding the Process Flow
      Understanding Micro Certification
      Improving Performance in Large Scale Reviews
    Understanding Review Run
      Understanding Review Run in Preview Mode
      Understanding Review Run in Live Mode
      Completing Review Tasks
      Verifying and Approving a Review Run
    Instructions for Review Owners
      Managing a Review in Preview Mode
      Managing a Review in Live Mode
    Instructions for Reviewers
      Performing a Review
      Viewing Completed Reviews
    Creating and Managing Certification Policies
      Understanding Certification Policies
      Creating and Editing Certification Policies
      Scheduling Calculations and Calculating Certification Policy Violations
      Exporting and Importing Certification Policies
      Managing Certification Policy Violations
    Analyzing Data and Using Custom Metrics
      Understanding Analytics and Role Mining Settings
      Configuring Analytics and Role Mining Settings
      Configuring Metrics Data Stores for Custom Metrics
      Creating Custom Metrics
      Downloading and Importing Custom Metrics Definitions
    Monitoring Your Governance and Administration System
      Understanding the Governance Widgets and Dashboards
      Creating New Governance Widgets
      Downloading Custom Governance Widget Data
      Creating and Personalizing Governance Dashboards
      Viewing Data Collection Statistics and Summary
      Viewing Governance Risk Score
      Viewing Policies and Controls Status, Violations, and Trends
      Viewing Account Statistics and Other Details
      Viewing Entitlement Assignments Statistics to Leverage Roles
      Viewing Activity Statistics and Trends
    Legal Notice