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Using Reflection X Internal Authentication

You can use Reflection X Internal Authentication to test in any environment. For this authentication option, you need to manually add users and set passwords.


An administrator account was created when you first logged onto the domain, but the internal authentication database has no record of your password for this account because authentication was handled by Windows (or PAM on UNIX systems).

To configure an administrator and user account using the Internal authentication system

  1. From the tabs located along the left-hand side of the Administrative Console, click Authentication.

  2. Set Authentication system to "Internal."

  3. Select your existing account name and then on the Action menu, choose Set User's Password and enter a password for this account. This is saved in the internal authentication database. (The checkbox under Administrator should already be selected for this account.)

  4. Click or select Action and then select New User. Then enter a name and password for an additional sample user for this exercise.

  5. Before you close the console, confirm that you can log on using your administrative account. To do this, click Test Authentication, enter the name and password for the administrator account, and then click Test.

    You should see a message that says "Authentication successful."

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