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Build and Install Housekeeping Jobs

Build housekeeping jobs, install them in production, and add them to your production schedule before you begin using ChangeMan ZMF to manage production applications and before you allow developers to start changing application components in ChangeMan ZMF.

Sample JCL for batch housekeeping jobs is delivered in the CMNZMF CNTL library. Perform these steps to transform the sample JCL into production jobs:

  1. Repackage the functions in the sample JCL provided. Group housekeeping functions together that have the same requirements:

    • Execute with ChangeMan ZMF running

    • Execute when ChangeMan ZMF is down

    • Run on the same schedule or frequency

  2. Add steps to automatically stop or start the SERNET started task, if your environment allows you to automate this function.

  3. Transform the revised JCL into cataloged procedures, job execution JCL, and control library members that comply with your standards for production jobs. Ensure that the jobs you create are structured so that they can be restarted or rerun.

  4. Add the housekeeping jobs to your production schedule. SERNET and ChangeMan ZMF must be down to run some housekeeping jobs. Developers cannot make changes to components and packages cannot be installed when ChangeMan ZMF is down. Schedule down time when package installs are unlikely and when it is unlikely that developers will need ChangeMan ZMF to perform emergency fixes for production problems.

  5. Create job documentation, request production schedule changes, request report distribution, create GDG indexes, and install the new job components into production libraries.

Summaries of critical housekeeping functions are given below.

Back Up/Restore And Unload/Load

For several data stores, you have a choice between running a VSAM IDCAMS backup or a proprietary ChangeMan ZMF program that unloads the data to formatted sequential records. Consider these facts when you decide which kind of job to schedule.

IDCAMS Backup (Restore) ZMF Program Unload (Load)
● Runs faster than proprietary program.
● For VSAM KSDS, backup and restore reorganizes the data, recovers space, and improves efficiency.
● For LDS, creates a physical copy of the byte addressable space.
● Unloaded records are required for a forward recovery process.
● For VSAM KSDS, backup and restore reorganizes the data, recovers space, and improves efficiency.
● For LDS, unload and load reorganizes the data and recovers space with physical deletes.
● For LDS, unload and load is the only way to change the physical file allocation.