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Staging LOD Components

You initiate stage processing for stage from recfm=U development library components in the same way that you initiate stage processes for like-source, by using one of the Stage Options. When you stage a component from a recfm=U development library, the Stage from Development panel (CMNSTG11) is displayed.

CMNSTG11            Stage from Development              Row 1 to 35 of 35
Command ===>___________________________________________   Scroll ===> CSR

From dataset name

Module       Function Length ttr        Alias-of AC R/M A/M Setssi --Attributes--
__CLS       *STAGE    0000B8 000016              00 24 24
__COLOURS             0013F0 000012              00 24 24 610A8BE2 RN RU
__CURPOS    CANCEL    000498 000011              00 24 24
__DELINKI             00FE38 000005              00 ANY 31         RN RU RF
__DWNSPDSR            000478 000006              00 24 24          RN RU RF

The line commands available are

S To stage a member into ChangeMan staging libraries

B To browse a member

H Display component history for a member

M To select members for selective mass-stage

V To view a member

ISPF converts a View request to a browse for recfm=u libraries.