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Checking Out from Baseline or Promotion Libraries

Follow these steps to check out one or more components from a baseline or promotion library into your change package.

  1. On the Checkout Options menu, select Option 1 Baseline/Promo to display the Checkout panel (CMNCKOT1).

    CMNCKOT1                    Checkout
    Command ===>____________________________________________________________________
    Package . . . . . . .  TEST001852__
    Component name . . .______________________________________________________________ +
                                            (Blank or pattern for list; * for all members)
    Library type . . . . . ____             (Blank for list)
    Source library . . . . 0___             (Baseline 0 to -n; Promotion +1 to +n)
    Checkout to . . . . .  S___             (S-Staging library, P-Personal library)
    Personal library . . . ___________________________________________________________ +
    Library dsorg . . . .  ____             (Personal lib: PDS, PDSE, SEQ, PAN, LIB, ZFS)
    Checkout mode . . . .  1__              (1-Online, 2-Batch)
    Data Encoding          ___              (1-ASCII, 2-UTF-8)
    Enter "/" to select option
    / Confirm overlay                                / Lock component
    / Display component user options
    _ Build member list from scan results            _ Case sensitive
    Records to select .    0__ .            (0 = all)
    From column .          0__ .            (0 = all) To column          0      (Max = 80)
    Data string . ______________________________________________________

    This table describes the fields on the Checkout panel.

    Field Description
    Command Enter L to display the component.type Library List where component name (entered below) is found. Panel shows baseline and promotion libraries that contain the component. Note: For this option, you must enter a fully-qualified component name - no masking is permitted.
    Package This field displays the package ID associated with the component being checked out. The package must be in DEV status.
    Component name Enter the name of the component you want to check out. Other options:
    Pattern: Build and display a filtered list of components from the origin library by entering a component pattern (aaa*). You can select components from the filtered list for check out. Note: Do not type * by itself unless you want to check out all of the components in the library.
    Blank: Leave this field blank or enter a pattern to select from a list of components; Fill in SOURCE LIBRARY. To list all libraries where a particular component is found, enter the component name here, enter the LIBRARY TYPE, leave the SOURCE LIBRARY blank and enter 'L' on the command line.
    *: Enter '*' to check out all members of the SOURCE LIBRARY.
    Library type Enter the library type of the component to be checked out. Other options:
    Pattern: Display a filtered list of library types.
    Blank: Display a list of all library types so you can select the type you want.
    Language Note:** Language is no longer specified on this panel. It can be specified on the "STAGE: COMPILE AND LINK EDIT" panel. ChangeMan will 'assume' the language based on:
    1 Designated procedure at force level
    2 Component history
    3 Designated procedure at force level 1
    ? Enter ? to specify the language of the designated procedure.
    Source library Enter an integer to indicate the baseline version or promotion level that you want to check out from. Plus or minus signs are required.
    0: Check out from the current or 0-level baseline library.
    -1 to -999: Check out from a prior version baseline library. The 999 integer following the minus sign represents a relative prior version (e.g. -1 means the version immediately prior to the current version). Librarian Archie and Stacked Reverse Delta baseline libraries can range as low as -255 and -999 respectively.
    +1 to 99: Level 1 refers to the lowest promotion level, up to +99 n as the closest to production. Promotion libraries can range as high as 99.
    Blank: You can leave this field blank if you type L in the Command field.
    Note: If you type L in the Command field, List libraries where 'Component Name' entered is found. For this option, you must enter a fully-qualified component name - no masking is permitted. You can select a library on this list to check out from regardless of the version or level originally specified in the Source Library** field.
    Checkout to Enter S or P to determine whether components are checked out to a staging library or a personal library or data set. When you check out to a personal library or data set, the component is also copied to a package staging library.
    S: Check out components to a ChangeMan ZMF staging library.
    P: Check out component to a personal development library or data set.
    Personal library If 'P' is selected in the Checkout to field (above), you must enter the name of the target personal library. If a dataset name is entered and it does not exist, ChangeMan ZMF will allocate it based on the Library Type attributes. Note: Batch checkout is required for any personal library including PAN or LIB.
    Library dsorg Enter a data set organization for the library or data set named in the Personal Library field.
    PDS: Partitioned dataset
    SEQ: Sequential data set.
    PAN: Panvalet file.
    LIB: Librarian file.
    ZFS: z/OS File System
    Checkout mode Enter 1 or 2 to determine whether checkout is performed online or in a batch job. See Online and Batch Execution Modes.
    1. Check out components online - The components to be checked out reside in a Baseline library whose Storage Means is defined as (D)elta deck or (C)ompressed PDS.
    2. Check out components in a batch job - The PERSONAL LIBRARY NAME to which the component is to be checked out is in PANVALET or LIBRARIAN format, or does not yet exist. If the components being checked out is a unique library type, not defined as Like S, C, L, or P (See Admin - Library definitions) it must be checked out in batch.
    Data Encoding This option can be used to view components stored using a CCSID representing ASCII or UTF-8 characters. This option has no effect when using Browse.
    1. Enables ASCII conversion for ISPF view.
    2. Enables UTF-8 conversion for ISPF view.
    Confirm overlay Select to overlay component in target library before checkout is executed. Omit to bypass confirmation panels and perform checkout.
    Note:** If your application is configured to maintain baseline by site, a site selection list will be displayed from which a site must be selected prior to a checkout.
    Lock component Select to immediately lock components in your package after checkout. Omit to bypass component locking.
    Notes:** This only applies to the current package, it does not cross packages. See Locking and Unlocking Package Components
    Batch checkout will not update the member's ISPF statistics. Batch checkout will also bypass the OVERLAY PRIOR STAGED MODULE Admin rule. If a component is locked by another user you must go to the stage package driven list (1.6.2) to UNLOCK the component prior to checkout. UC Unlock Component to allow for Checkout/Stage.
    Display component user options Select to allow display of component user option panel(s) for non-source components during stage process. It has no effect during checkout. Setting the value here allows you to bypass the stage selection panel to set the value prior to edit or stage. This allows user data to be associated with a component for later use in exits or XML services. If the 'Enable component user variables' global option is not enabled this setting is ignored.
    Note:** Component user variables for source components are accessible during the build process.
    Build memberlist from scan results Select to scan the source library to limit the member list to members containing a specified data string. If not selected, all fields listed below (Case Sensitive, Records to Select, From Column, To Column, and Data String) are ignored. Member list scan does not support zFS files or data sets with RECFM=U.
    Case Sensitive Select if the data string entered should be used exactly as entered (with regard to upper and lower case characters). Omit if the scan is to be conducted without regard to case sensitivity.
    Records to Select Enter a numeric value used to determine when the scan is to be discontinued. When this value is '0', the scan displays a list of all members in the source library that meet the data string search criteria.
    From Column Specify upon which column, for each record, that the scan is to begin. When this value is '0', each record is scanned, beginning in column one.
    To Column Specify upon which column, for each record, that the scan is to end. When this value is '0', records are scanned to the 80th column.
    Data String Enter a data string to be scanned to build the member selection list.
  2. If you enter L on the Command line the Checkout (CMNCKOT1) panel, the component.type Library List (CMNCMLSL) panel is displayed. Select the library from which to check out the component.

    CMNCMLSL            ACPSR*.SRC Library List             Row 1 to 3 of 3
    Command ===>___________________________________________Scroll ===> CSR
        Lvl     Dataset/pathname                +   Site
    __ +010    CMNTP.S6.V810.PROM.S6P1UT.SRC            S6P1UT      SERT6
    __ +020    CMNTP.S6.V810.PROM.S6P1IT.SRC            S6P1IT      SERT6
    __ 0000    CMNTP.S6.V810.BASE.ACTP.SRC              BASELINE
    ******************************* Bottom of data ********************************
  3. On the Checkout panel, if you leave the Component Name field blank or use a pattern that selects multiple components, the Promotion Library Selection List (CMNCPLSL) is displayed. Enter S in the line command field to select from the list of promotion libraries you wish to use.

    CMNCPLSL            Promotion Library Selection List            Row 1 to 2 of 2
    Command ===>__________________________________________________ Scroll ===> CSR
            Library type: SRC           Promotion level: +10
        Dataset                 Name        Site
    __  CMNTP.S6.V810.PROM.S6P1UT.SRC             + S6P1UT      SERT6
    __  CMNTP.S6.V810.PROM.S6P1UT1.SRC            + S6P1UT1     SERT6P1
    ******************************* Bottom of data ********************************

    CMNCCMSL            Checkout from SRC/LVL(0)                Row 1 to 7 of 7
    Command ===>_______________________________________________ Scroll ===> PAGE
        Input library:
    Name     Status   Created     Last modified       Size    Init    User
    __ ACPSRCCA         01.16   2002/05/07 2014/11/19 03:13     34      23      USER016
    __ ACPSRCCC         01.05   2002/05/07 2014/11/19 03:10     29      23      USER016
    s  ACPSRCCE         01.03   2002/05/07 2014/11/19 03:10     29      23      USER016
    __ ACPSRCD1         03.01   2002/05/07 2011/03/11 20:09     52      15      USER016
    __ ACPSRC80         01.03   2002/05/07 2014/11/19 03:04     24       1      USER016
    __ PLIPGM01         01.07   2007/04/16 2014/11/19 03:06      6       6      USER016
    __ PLIPGM1          01.04   2011/05/27 2014/11/19 03:06      6       6      USER016
    ******************************* Bottom of data ********************************
    Valid primary commands are:

    Command Description Abbreviation
    CANCEL Cancel the checkout. C
    DCD Display component general descriptions. D
    LOCATE name Locate an entry. L
    LONG Display zFS components expanded. LON
    REFRESH Refresh the panel display. R
    SHORT Display an abbreviated component list. SH
    SORT name Sort the list by the column name entered in the command. SO

    Enter S in the line command for one or more components and press Enter to check the components out to your package.

    Valid line commands are:

    Command Description
    B Browse a component.
    H Display component history.
    S Select a component for checkout.
    V View a component.
  4. If a component you select for checkout is in another active change package, or concurrent checkout has been disallowed, a concurrent development warning message is displayed on the History component.type (CMNCMPSW) panel. The results of the line commands are displayed in the STATUS column.

CMNCMPSW            History - ACPSRCCE.SRC                  Row 1 to 5 of 5
Command ===>______________________________________________ Scroll ===> CSR

This component is included in the following packages:

Package     Sta Promoted Last action      Size  Procname  User    Release
ACTP000065  DEV          04.00 2015/03/30 13:56 00030 CMNCOB2   USER016
ACTP000060  DEV          03.00 2015/03/16 14:56 00029 CMNCOB2   USER017
ACTP000038  DEV S6P1UT   03.05 2015/02/12 10:21 00030 CMNCOB2   USER016
ACTP000028  DIS          02.01 2015/01/20 22:55 00029 CMNCOB2   USER016
ACTP000027  DEV          03.00 2015/03/06 11:59 00029 CMNCOB2   USER017
******************************* Bottom of data ********************************

Make sure that you are coordinating your changes with the other developers who have checked out or staged the component into their packages.

If you decide to abandon the checkout for this component, type CANCEL in the Command line and press Enter. Otherwise, press PF3 or Enter to check out the component.

Checking Out From Promotion Sites

The Checkout panel gives you the option of checking out from a promotion library by specifying a promotion level number in the Source Library field. If the application has multiple promotion sites, the same promotion level number may point to different libraries in different sites, so multiple libraries may be displayed on the Promotion Library Selection List (CMNCPLSL) panel.

CMNCPLSL        Promotion Library Selection List            Row 1 to 2 of 2
Command ===>______________________________________________ Scroll ===> CSR

Library type: SRC       Promotion level: +10

Dataset             Name                    Site
CMNTP.S6.V810.PROM.S6P1UT.SRC       + S6P1UT                    SERT6
CMNTP.S6.V810.PROM.S6P1UT1.SRC      + S6P1UT1                   SERT6P1
******************************* Bottom of data ********************************

Enter S in the line command to select the library from which to check out the component.

CMNCCMSL            Checkout from SRC/LVL(+10)              Row 1 to 5 of 5
Command ===>       Scroll ===> CSR

    Input library:

    Name    Status Created       Last modified     Size  Init User
S   ACPSRCCE                03.04 2002/05/07    2015/02/01 22:07  30    23   USER016
__  ACPSRCEE                01.01 2015/02/01    2015/02/01 22:08  30    30   USER016
__  ACPSRC1A                02.03 2014/12/18    2015/02/01 22:09  33    34   USER016
__  ACPSRC6A                03.02 2012/09/26    2015/02/01 19:45  44    27   USER016
__  ACPSRC92                03.01 2002/05/07 2  015/01/15 00:06   30    15   USER016
******************************* Bottom of data ********************************

Enter S in the line command to select the component for checkout.

Replying to the Save Previous Version Panel

If the component you want to check out is in a library type that is enabled for staging versions with the PROMPT parameter, ChangeMan ZMF displays the Save Previous Version (CMNCMP03) panel before executing the checkout, regardless of whether the component is actually in the package staging library.

dataset name . . . 'CMNTP.A00A2.#CE9B4B9.#81CAF70.OUTLIST'
Report  | CMNCMP03 Save Previous Version        |
        | Command ===>_____________________________________________ |
        |                   | rinting
        | Package: ACTP000027                   | nting
        | Component: ACPSRC94                 + |
Job st  | Type: SRC         |
//US    |                   |
//      | Enter "/" to select option            |
//  |  / Save previous staging version       |
//  |  _ Set Save Previous Version prompt off                    |
        |                   |
        |                   |

This table describes the fields on the Save Previous Version panel.

Field Description
Package Displays the ID of the package you are checking out to.
Component Displays the component name
Type Displays component type.
Save previous staging version Select to save previous component version that is in staging library.
NOTE If the component you are checking out is not already in the package staging library, your response in this field is ignored.
Set Save Previous Version prompt off Select field 'Set Save Previous Version prompt off' to skip the display of this panel for subsequent requests within the current function.

See Using Staging Versions.