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Step 12: Customize Other Version 8.3 Components

Find and analyze the components that you customized in the ChangeMan ZMF version that you are upgrading, and decide whether to bring those modifications forward into version 8.3. You may decide that some of your modifications are not appropriate for version 8.3 because:

  • ChangeMan ZMF 8.3 includes functions that can replace your custom code.
  • Your company does not need the custom function anymore.
  • Your custom code may not work with revised functions in version 8.3.

If your custom code will not work with revised functions in version 8.3, consult with Micro Focus Customer Care if you want to explore alternatives.

When you analyze the modifications in the version from which you are upgrading and apply customization to version 8.3, follow these recommendations:

  • Before you begin, review Strategies to Reduce Risk.
  • Verify each change to be sure you do not mistake customized code for changes that ZMF developers made between versions.
  • Thoroughly test customized components on a test ChangeMan ZMF 8.3 instance.

General Procedures For Reapplying Customization

Follow these steps to update your custom libraries:

  1. Allocate a new set of the desired custom libraries. Copy any custom components that are all original code into your new custom libraries.

  2. If you use the ChangeMan ZMF M+R Option:

    1. On the Versions (SERCDFCM) panel, define your base and derivative libraries as follows:

      Base: Vendor library for old version Drv1: Custom library for old version Drv2: Vendor library for new version

    2. On the Consolidation Workplace panel, reconcile your old customization with the new version 8.3 components.

    3. When you have reconciled all of your customizations, export reconciled components to your new custom library.

    For abbreviated instructions for installing and using the M+R Option, see Appendix A, ChangeManĀ® M+R Option Quick Start.

  3. If you do not use the ChangeMan ZMF M+R Option:

    1. Determine what components are changed in version 8.3 by comparing vendor libraries in the version 7.1.x release that you are upgrading with the components in the corresponding version 8.3 distribution libraries.

    2. Find components in your custom libraries that are changed in version 8.3.

    3. Determine whether your modifications will be valid in version 8.3.

    4. Copy the desired version 8.3 components from the vendor distribution libraries to a new custom library and reapply your modifications.

  4. Assemble any custom source members into your custom load library.

Panel Changes

Starting with ChangeMan ZMF 8.1, you can code and invoke exit processing routines in REXX and in any Language Environment (LE)-compliant programming language, such as COBOL and PL/I. Any client that can connect to ZMF, such as ChangeMan ZDD or ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse, can call these user-written exits. The same, customersupplied, exit code will be executed regardless of the client that is being used.

If an appropriate high-level language exit point is available, custom processing currently being executed through ISPF modification (for example, the addition of ISPF panel exits) can be moved to the high-level language exit. In turn, this will simplify upgrading to new ChangeMan ZMF releases in the future.

ChangeMan ZMF 8.3 addresses requirements in the following ZMF functions:

  • Build (Including checkin, build, recompile, relink, delete)

  • Package Create (Initial create of a package)

  • Package Update (Subsequent update of package attributes)

  • File Tailoring (Define customized ISPF variables for file tailoring)

  • Checkout (Component Checkout from baseline/promotion)

  • Promote/Demote (Promotion and demotion of components)

  • Audit (Audit job submission and audit process)

  • Freeze (Package freeze and selective unfreeze/refreeze)

  • Approve/Reject (Package approve and reject)

  • Revert (Package revert)

  • Package Syslib(Package syslib list service)

  • Scratch/Rename (Utility functions)

Refer to the ChangeMan ZMF High Level Language Functional Exits Getting Started Guide for details.

Most ZMF panels were changed in the effort to make all ZMF panels follow the IBM guidelines for Common User Access (CUA). CUA guidelines were only partially implemented in the panels of previous ZMF releases.

Exit Changes

Exit changes can result from changes to:

  • Exit copybooks

  • Exit program source

Follow these steps:

  1. Compare the exit copybook and program source members in your current libraries to the members that are distributed in the ZMF 8.3 CMNZMF ASMCPY and CMNZMF ASMSRC libraries respectively.

  2. Copy the needed exits to your customized ZMF 8.3 source library.

  3. Edit the exit modules in your customized ZMF 8.3 source library as appropriate, and reassemble them.