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General Administrator

As the general administrator, you may be an expert in the periodic housekeeping tasks for ChangeMan ZMF such as starting up and shutting down each ChangeMan ZMF instance, updating the query information, backing up or recovering the package master, or clearing the activity log.

You may customize ChangeMan ZMF by implementing user exits, using and updating the services, creating custom reports, setting up the SYSOUT facility, or updating skeletons. Finally, you may also be a specialist in setting up the administration for the many selectable options which can be purchased individually for the unique needs of your site.

All of the responsibilities described above, except for customizing ChangeMan ZMF skeletons and administration for selectable options, are described further in this document. Information about skeletons is contained in the ChangeMan ZMF Customization Guide, and the selectable option information is contained in the individual selectable option manuals.

The global, application, and monitor administrative domains described above require that you have been defined to the individual security entities as such. See Setting Up User Restrictions for further details.