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ChangeMan SSM Message Format

ChangeMan SSM messages are displayed in the following format:

HPSnnnnt [pgm name] hh:mm:ss [message text]

The following table explains the HPSnnnnt message number:

**HPS SSM message mnemonic
**nnnn A number that uniquely identifies the message. Automated operations software can use this number to trigger action or to suppress messages that clutter the operator console.
**t Type of message. Indicates whether action is required.
E Error message - Requires action to resolve the error condition.
I Informational message - No action required.
T TRACE message - Displayed only when TRACE is activated on instructions from Micro Focus Customer Care to diagnose a problem.
W Warning message.


ChangeMan SSM Message Descriptions

The messages are grouped within their functional areas and then listed in ascending order by their unique number.


All new messages for ChangeMan ZMF 8.1 Messages Guide are identified with change bars. All three-digit messages have been removed from this chapter and can be referenced in the ChangeMan SSM Messages Guide.