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Program CMNDB2PL is the Plan Lookup program. This program is central to the

ChangeMan ZMF Db2 Option facility that performs binds at promote, demote, install, and backout.

Plan Lookup program CMNDB2PL is designed to ensure a consistent Db2 plan/package environment as changes to Db2 application components progress through the ChangeMan ZMF package lifecycle to production.

Program CMNDB2PL queries the Db2 catalog tables looking for relationships between staged DBRMs and Db2 plans/packages in the catalog. These relationships indicate that a bind may be required.

CMNDB2PL also implements the ChangeMan Db2 logical subsystem concept, applying templates to staged or baselined BIND commands to derive the plan names and/or collection IDs which are relevant to the target logical subsystem.

The end product of this processing is a set of BIND command statements that is passed to a subsequent TSO step for execution in the target physical Db2 subsystem.