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Application Administrator

If you are the application administrator, it is your responsibility to set rules of your application's implementation process. They can only be as permissive as the values which are set by the global administrator (although you can further restrict your users). For example, if the global administrator lets users at the site check components out to their personal libraries, you can restrict your users from checking out components to their personal libraries. But if the global administrator has already restricted their access, you cannot override the global administrator's decision and give them permission.

Like the global administrator, you also set staging library information as well as determine compiling procedures for the languages used in your application's development. In addition, you configure the promotion libraries (if any) and baseline libraries used by your application. You create approval lists that are used by ChangeMan ZMF to notify strategic people in your development process that a change package is ready to be moved on to the next level of integration, testing, or into production.

In fact, no matter whether you are a global or an application administrator, you are capable of running reports for the site or the applications; you may also be responsible for setting up remote site information (if you have remote sites).