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ChangeMan ZMF allows you to monitor your applications for change packages that show discrepancies or abnormalities including the following:

  • Distribution without distribution acknowledgment

  • Installation date has passed

  • Package in APR status in ALL environment

  • Package in INS status in ALL environment

  • Package status not being changed in TCC after duration

  • All Complex/Super packages with OPN status

Change packages that have these discrepancies are considered to be in limbo. You can query the applications for these packages, and act upon the package (such as delete it or postpone its installation).

By querying the applications (or the site) for this information and marking them as being in limbo, you provide filtering criteria for the packages that you want to query.

Although the monitor function is similar to the query function, the functionality has been extended to let authorized users:

  • Change install dates

  • Change a package's status

  • Edit and submit jobs to production

If your site uses ChangeMan ZMF for scheduling, you can monitor a list of packages scheduled for installation, and selectively change, hold, or release installation of the package.

The Monitor Option panel (CMNMONIT) allows you to perform the above tasks.