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The Online Forms Manager (OFM) is a selectable option of Serena® ChangeMan® ZMF that provides customer-defined online forms to manage non-component tasks that are required to implement a change to your production environment.

Uses for Online Forms

Tasks that you might manage with online forms in a change package might include:

  • Reservation of DASD storage space

  • Changes to ACS routines in DFHSMS

  • GDG builds

  • Changes to security authorization for data sets or privileged functions

  • Changes to the production schedule

  • Changes to standard operating procedures

  • Changes to report distribution

  • Changes to application end user procedure

Online forms in the OFM Option are often used to notify other departments in your data center about tasks that they must perform to prepare for a software change.

Online Forms Life Cycle

Online forms in the OFM Option have a life cycle that fits within the ChangeMan package life cycle between create package and freeze package. Each form has a pre-defined lead time that determines how long before package freeze the form must be approved. This separate life cycle reflects the need to have certain tasks performed, or at least acknowledged and added to work schedules, before your production environment is altered by package installation.

Roles in Online Forms

This table shows the roles played by different groups in configuring and using forms in the OFM Option.

Role or Group OFM Option Ativities
ChangeMan Administrator With the assistance of Technical Support, defines ISPF panels for online forms, variables for fields on the forms, the lead time for form approvals before package freeze, and the automatic notifications for forms approvers. May also create skeletons that create batch jobs that are executed when a form is approved.
Security Administrator Defines a security entity and permits the ChangeMan Administrator to authorize them to create and maintain forms in the OFM Option. Defines an approval entity for each form and permits TSO IDs or groups to give them authority to approve the form.
ChangeMan ZMF User Selects forms from those defined by the Administrator and adds them to a change package. Edits the form online to enter data in form fields. Submits the form when it is finished.
Form Approver Approves the form when the requested task is completed or added to a work schedule to be coordinated with the installation of the change package.


  • Allows fast, interactive creation and testing of forms.

  • Forms are available for use immediately after creation.

  • No assembly, compilation or linkage editing required.

  • Allows full use of the ISPF Dialog Manager panel definition language.

  • Form authorizations maintained in your security system.