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Displaying Promotion/Demotion History For A Site

The Promotion History panel shows the current status of all promote and demote actions initiated for a change package in a site.

There are three ways to access this panel:

  • From the Promote Options panel in Promote/Demote

  • From the Demote Options panel in Promote/Demote

  • From the Package Information panel in Query Package.

When you have navigated the required panels, the (site) Promotion History panel is displayed.

CMNRPM02           SERT6 Promotion History              Row 1 to 6 of 6
Command ===>                                           Scroll ===> CSR

      Package: ACTP000038     Status: DEV     Install date: 20150218
Count   Promotion    Date        Time   User     Status     History
10      10 S6P1UT    2015/02/01  22:16  USER015  Completed  Full Promote
4       20 S6P1IT    2015/02/01  22:15  USER015  Completed  Full Demote
4       20 S6P1IT    2015/02/01  21:40  USER015  Completed  Full Promote
4       10 S6P1UT    2015/02/01  19:53  USER015  Completed  Full Promote
2       10 S6P1UT    2015/02/01  19:52  USER015  Completed  Full Demote
2       10 S6P1UT    2015/02/01  19:35  USER015  Completed  Full Promote
******************************* Bottom of data ********************************

This table describes the fields on the Common Components panel.

Field Description
Package Displays the Package ID of the current change package
Status Displays the current status of the change package.
Install date Displays the date when this package is proposed for installation. (yyyymmdd).
Count Displays the number of package components promoted or demoted.
Promotion Displays the level number and nickname of the target promotion level.
Date Displays the date when the when the promote or demote action was taken. (yyyymmdd)
Time Displays the time when the promote or demote action was taken. (hh:mm)
User Displays the UserID of the person who initiated the promote or demote action.
Status Displays the current status of the batch promotion process.
  • SUBMITTED: The batch process was submitted, but all jobs did not complete successfully. A job may be waiting for an initiator, a job may still be running, or a job may have failed.
  • COMPLETED: The batch promote or demote process completed successfully.
History Displays the type of action in the last promote or demote request.
  • Full Promote: Full package promote.
  • Part Promote: Selective promote of package components.
  • 1st Promote: First selective promote of a package component while the package is at Level 0.
  • Full Demote: Full package demote.
  • Part Demote: Selective demote of a package component