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SERNET Messages

This appendix describes messages issued by a SERNET started task.

Locating SERNET messages

SERNET messages are displayed in the SERPRINT sysout dataset of the started task. Some of messages are also displayed in the JES messages sysout dataset.

See Message Descriptions

SERNET message format

SERNET messages are displayed in the following format:

yyyymmdd hh:mm:ss SERnnnnt [message text]

The following explains the SERnnnnt message number:

  • SER - SERNET mnemonic.

  • nnnn - A number that uniquely identifies the message. Automated operations software can use this number to trigger action or to suppress messages that clutter the operator console.

  • t - Type of message. Indicates whether action is required.

    • E - Error message - Requires action to resolve the error condition.

    • I - Informational message - No action required.

    • T - TRACE message - Displayed only when TRACE is activated on instructions from Micro Focus Customer Care to diagnose a problem.

    • W - Warning message.


Merge and Reconcile (M&R) messages begin with SER followed by 3 digits. Sernet messages begin with SER followed by 4 digits SERnnnn.


Italicized text in a message is replaced at runtime with a variable.