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Resetting the Freeze-In-Progress Indicator

When you choose the batch option to freeze your package, ChangeMan ZMF submits a job that starts a batch TSO session, which connects to ChangeMan ZMF to change the package status to FRZ. If installation JCL is built at package freeze for your application, the batch TSO session also initiates file tailoring for installation JCL.

To prevent you from initiating another freeze for a package before the first batch freeze job completes, a freeze-in-progress indicator is turned on when you initiate batch freeze processing. If you attempt to perform batch freeze before the freeze-in-progress indicator is turned off, the short ISPF message PROCESS ERROR is displayed, and when you press PF1, this message is displayed:

CMN1525I - Package is in the process of being frozen.

The freeze-in-progress indicator is turned off when the batch freeze job completes successfully. If there is a problem with a batch freeze job, such as a JCL error or a system crash, the freeze-in-progress indicator is left on, and you cannot initiate another batch freeze process.

To reset the freeze-in-progress indicator so that you can start over with batch freeze processing, select option 4 Reset on the Freeze Options menu. When processing is complete, the short ISPF message INDICATOR RESET is displayed, and if you press PF1, this message is displayed:

CMN3036I - Freeze in Progress indicator reset.