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Step 17: Perform Post-Migration Checks

Perform some checks such as the following after you bring up your migrated ChangeMan ZMF 8.3 instance:

  • Check for messages such as the following in your task output to ensure the release numbers reflect ZMF 8.3:

    CMN7308I CMNSTART ZMF version: 8.3
    CMN7300I CMNSTART Initialization in progress; @TCA=198FC000
    SER9776I Invoking SERALREP for activity log monthly reporting
    SER7301I CMNSTART Loading CMN services; @ADR=00008000
    SER6414I SERXMLDB Header: SERNET XML Dsect Cross Reference. Created:
    18 Feb 2021 08:42:01. Version: 8205
    SER6415I SERXMLDB Version: 8205
  • Check for obsolete start-up keywords in the task output, such as: SER0804W Obsolete parameter ignored: ECLIPSE