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Update Started Procedures and Log-on CLIST

This section tells you how to modify the started procedures and CLIST for the version that you are migrating for use with version 8.3. You can compare the following members between the libraries of the version that you are migrating from, and ZMF 8.3 libraries to see what is changed.

  • SERVER in the SERCOMC.CNTL library

  • STARTJCL in the CMNZMF.CNTL library

  • CMNADSP in the CMNZMF.CNTL library

  • SERDRT in the SERCOMC.CNTL library

  • CMN in the CMNZMF.CLIST library


When you create a new DD statement or add a file or library, change the placeholder somnode for the high-level qualifier in the examples shown here to make the library or data set name fit the naming conventions that you use for ChangeMan ZMF.

Started Procedure for ALL, DP, and D Instances

Follow these steps to create a started task procedure for ChangeMan ZMF 8.3:

  1. JCL member ACTLOG of the SERCOMC.CNTL distribution library is shipped with ZMF 8.3. Run this job to delete and define a Sernet Activity Log, which is new in ZMF 8.3. This Activity Log data set is then referenced in the following DD statement in the SERVER member of the SERCOMC.CNTL distribution library:



    Each instance of the started task requires its own SERALOG DD statement; attempts to share a single data set between multiple started tasks will produce unpredictable results.

    If the DD statement is missing, the started task will abend with code U4000.

  2. In the custom CNTL library that you create for version 8.3, append the JCL in member STARTJCL of the CMNZMF CNTL distribution library to the JCL in member SERVER of the SERCOMC CNTL distribution library. You must do this to enable ChangeMan ZMF to run under the Serena Network (Sernet).

  3. Follow the comments in the JCL to customize the started task JCL for version 8.3 as appropriate for your installation standards. You can use the customizations that your made to the started task JCL for the 7.1.x version that you are upgrading as a guide. However, some of the customizations that you made for version 7.1.x may no longer be appropriate for version 8.3.

  4. We recommend that you make the SYSMDUMP data set a GDG as in the supplied SERVER example to prevent diagnostic information from being overwritten when the Sernet instance is restarted after an abend.

  5. If not already present, create a GDG base for the dump capture data set name in the SYSMDUMP DD statement.

  6. Copy the customized procedure to the appropriate system PROCLIB library for testing.

Started Procedure for P-Site Instances

Follow similar steps to create the Sernet/ChangeMan ZMF started procedure for the 7.1.x P-site instances that you are upgrading to run version 8.3.

ChangeMan ZMF 7.1.3 and later P-site instances do not require Component Master and Impact Analysis files.

File Tailoring Procedures - CMNADSP

The started procedures defined on panel Global Parameters - Part 2 of 8 (CMNGGP02) are based on JCL sample CMNADSP in the CMNZMF.CNTL library.

Follow similar steps to create your 8.3 file tailoring started procedures.

File Recall Procedure - SERDRT

The started procedure used to recall an ML2 dataset when requested by the Started Task are based on JCL sample SERDRT in the SERCOMC.CNTL library. The number of these procedures is defined by the ASIDS4RECALL parameter in the SERSYSIN DD of the Started Task. The default if omitted is 4, the range is from 2 to 16. The limit can be changed by an operator command. See the Installation Guide for more information on operator commands.


Follow these steps to create the log-on CLIST for ChangeMan ZMF 8.3 instance:

  1. Copy the log-on CLIST CMN from the vendor CMNZMF.CLIST library to your custom version 8.3 CMNZMF.CLIST library.

  2. In the ALTLIB statement, ensure the somnode values are pointing to your new 8.3 libraries, retain the custom libraries in the order they are in.

  3. In the LIBDEF statements, ensure the somnode values are pointing to your new 8.3 libraries, retain the custom libraries in the order they are in. You will allocate and populate the TABLES (ISPTLIB) libraries later in this chapter.

  4. Copy the updated CLIST to the CLIST library that is allocated to //SYSPROC in your ZMF users’ TSO log-on procedure for testing.