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Preparing to Use the OFM

Online forms in the OFM Option are defined as ISPF Dialog Manager panels which are stored in your ChangeMan ZMF custom panels library. Variable definitions for online form fields and form approver notification information are stored in the ChangeMan ZMF package master file in global records. Your ChangeMan ZMF Administrator uses ISPF panels in the OFM Option to create and manage online form panels, variables, and notifications.


Forms are opened in a change package by a developer or someone else with update authority in the application. They enter required data in fields on the form, then submit the form. Whoever was specified by the administrator in the form notification receives an MVS send message or an e-mail telling them the form is ready for their review and action. Data for forms opened in a change package are stored in the ChangeMan ZMF package master file in package records.

When the recipient of the form has taken the appropriate action, they approve the form to end the life cycle of the form. All forms in a change package must be approved before the package is frozen.

Forms in a frozen package can be selectively unfrozen and refrozen. Other actions that can be taken for a form are deactivate, reject, and comment.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Requirements for installing and using the ChangeMan ZMF OFM Option are the same as the base ChangeMan ZMF product. See the ChangeMan ZMF Installation Guide for a detailed description of hardware and software requirements.

Installing the OFM

Components for all ChangeMan ZMF selectable options are included with ChangeMan ZMF components delivered in the ZMF installer. When you run the installer, then download the XMIT files to the mainframe and expand them into PDS libraries, components necessary to run selectable options like the OFM Option are in the CMNZMF and SERCOMC libraries that you create.

Apply OFM Option License

If you license the OFM Option at the same time that you license ChangeMan ZMF, the license for the option is applied when you apply the license for the base product. You do not have to take further action to enable the OFM Option.

If you license the OFM Option after you apply licenses for ChangeMan ZMF and other selectable options, use the SER10TY™ License Manager to add a license for the option. See the SER10TY User Guide for instructions on how to apply a license. The load modules, JCL, and other components that you need to run SER10TY are included in the SERCOMC libraries in the ZMF installer.

After you apply a license, shut down the SERNET started task where ChangeMan ZMF runs and restart the task.

To verify that the license for the OFM is properly applied, look for this option on the Primary Option Menu.

  • OFMlist - Online Forms package list

If you select Option O on the Primary Option Menu and press Enter, short message NO GLOBAL OFM displays. If you press PF1, this long message displays:

CMN4700A - No Global Online Forms are defined in the Package Master

Define OFM Option Administrator Security Entity

Define security entities to authorize your ChangeMan ZMF Administrator to create and maintain OFM Option forms. Have your security administrator perform these tasks in your security system.

  1. In your security system under the resource class for ChangeMan ZMF, create the following profile with no access (UACC NONE):


    where x is the subsystem ID of the ChangeMan instance that will use the OFM Option. If you use a null subsystem ID, the profile name is CMNFORM.

  2. Permit the TSO ID of the ChangeMan Administrator UPDATE access to the new profile with UPDATE access.

Copy OFM Global Definition Records

Copy global definition records into the package master file from the CMNZMF SAMPLES library unloaded from the ZMF installer.

  1. Shutdown the SERNET instance running ChangeMan ZMF.

  2. Create a batch job with the following IDCAMS step.


    // DISP=SHR
    // DISP=SHR
    //SYSIN DD \*
    **a** Change SYSUT1 to point to the SAMPLES library unloaded from the ZMF installer.
    **b** Change SYSUT2 to point to the package master VSAM file for your ChangeMan ZMF instance. 
  3. Submit the job, and see a return code RC=00.

  4. Start the SERNET instance that runs ChangeMan ZMF.

  5. Verify that the Global OFM records are properly copied to the package master file. Select Option O on the Primary Option menu and press Enter. The Online Forms Package Parameters (CMNOLST0) panel displays.

    CMNOLST0------------------ ONLINE FORMS PACKAGE PARAMETERS ---------------------
    COMMAND ===>
    FORM ID                ===>                (Full name or pattern; blank for list)
    FORM STATUS            ===>                (ACTIVE,SUBMITTED,APPROVED,REJECTED)
    PACKAGE ID             ===>                 (Full name or pattern; blank for list)
    PACKAGE STATUS         ===>                 (DEV, FRZ, APR, REJ, DIS, INS,
                                                  BAS, BAK, TCC or DEL)
    CREATOR'S TSO-ID       ===>
    WORK RQUEST ID         ===>
    DEPARTMENT             ===>
    PACKAGE LEVEL          ===>                (1-Simple, 4-Participating)
    PACKAGE TYPE           ===>                (Planned or Unplanned)
    PACKAGE TIME SPAN      ===>                (Permanent or Temporary)
    FROM INSTALL DATE      ===>                (YYYYMMDD)
      TO INSTALL DATE      ===>                (YYYYMMDD)
    FROM CREATION DATE     ===>                (YYYYMMDD)
      TO CREATION DATE     ===>                (YYYYMMDD)
    Press ENTER to process: Enter END command to exit.


Copy Forms Panels

Sample form panels for the OFM are delivered in the CMNZMF PANELS library unloaded from the ZMF installer.

Copy members CMNZnnnn, where nnnn is a four-digit number, from the delivered CMNZMF PANELS library to your CUSTOM PANELS library.

Specify the OFM Panel Library

Specify the library where your OFM Option panels reside.

  1. Select A (Admin) from the Primary Option menu. Press Enter.

  2. Select G (Global) from the Administration Options menu. Press Enter.

  3. Select O (Options) from the Global Administration Options menu. Press Enter.

  4. Select Option 4 (OFM) from the Global Selectable Options menu. Press Enter. The Online Forms Options menu (CMNGOOFM) displays.

    CMNGOOFM -------------------- ONLINE FORMS OPTION -------------------------------
    OPTION ===>
      1. Maintain - Create or update Online Forms
      2. Library - Specify panel library dataset name
    Press ENTER to process: Enter END command to exit.
  5. Select Option 2 (Library) from the Online Forms Options menu. Press Enter. The Online Forms Panel Dataset (CMNGOOF2) panel displays.

    CMNGOOFM ------------------ ONLINE FORMS PANAL DATASET --------------------------
    COMMAND ===>
    Press ENTER to process: Enter END command to exit.
  6. Type the name of your CUSTOM PANELS library in the Panel Dataset Name field on the Online Forms Panel Dataset (CMNGOOF2) panel. Press Enter. You are returned to the Online Forms Options menu.

  7. Have your security administrator grant UPDATE access for the custom PANELS library to the SERNET started task where ChangeMan ZMF runs and to the administrator who will create and maintain forms in the OFM Option.

Verify OFM Form Availability

  1. Select Option 1 (Maintain) on the Online Forms Options menu (CMNGOOFM). Press Enter. The Online Forms Maintenance (CMNZFRM) panel displays.

    CMNZFRM -------------------- ONLINE FORMS MAINTENANCE ---------------- Row 1 to 10 of 10
    COMMAND ===>                                                            SCROLL ===> HALF
    Line commands: I  - Insert,  R - Repeat,    U - Update,          D - Delete
                   Pn - Panels,  V - Variables, N - Notificiations,  S - Sample
    Press ENTER to process: Enter END command to exit.
        FORM                                        LEAD    ALLOW   ALLOW
          ID    FORM DESCRIPTION                    TIME    ACCESS  SUBMIT
    .... 010    Build GDG Request                      0    YES     YES
    .... 030    DASD Dataset Space Request             7    YES     NO
    .... 070    Problem Summary                        7    YES     NO
    .... 100    Report Distribution Information        7    YES     NO
    .... 110    Standards & Guidelines Revision        7    YES     NO
    .... 120    Tape Retention Register                7    YES     NO
    .... 130    Standards Exemption Request            7    YES     NO
    .... 140    Security Information                   7    YES     NO
    .... 160    Scheduler JCL Update                   7    YES     NO
    .... 170    Scheduler Update                       7    YES     NO
    ****************************** Bottom of data ****************************************** 
  2. Type P1 in the line command for form 010. Press Enter. Panel member CMNZ0101 in your custom PANELS library should be presented in an edit session.


The OFM Option is subject to the following implementation restrictions:

  • Maximum of 1,000 forms per system.

  • Maximum of 9 panels per form.

  • Maximum of 200 variables per form.

  • Maximum of 3,072 bytes total variable lengths per form.

  • Maximum of 10 notification entries per form.