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Resolving Same-Named Members in Multiple (PDS) Libraries

ChangeMan ZMF can distinguish among copybooks and statically link-edited subprograms with the same name in multiple baseline libraries. For example, you may have a COBOL copybook and a PL/I copybook with the same name in different baseline libraries.

To enable ChangeMan ZMF to establish the correct source-to-copy and source-to-load relationships, you need to stage (compile and link) the source programs that reference these copybooks and subroutines in a change package. If ChangeMan ZMF cannot identify the appropriate copybook or subprogram during this process or during impact analysis, it prompts you to identify the correct module.

If you created the change package for the express purpose of resolving the references to copybooks and subprograms that have the same names, you do not have to baseline the staged package; you can leave the package dormant if you wish and it will eventually be aged.