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Accessing Utility Request Functions

Rename and scratch utility functions are accessed through the Utility: Rename/Scratch Options menu.

CMNUTL00                Utility: Rename/Scratch Options
Option ===> _____________________________________________________

Package . . . . . ACTP0000028

1 Baseline        Select baseline components to scratch or rename
2 Package         Process scratch or rename requests in package

Use one of these methods to display the Utility: Rename/Scratch Options menu:

  • Using the Menu Hierarchy:

    a. On the Primary Option Menu, select 1 Build.

    b. On the Build Option panel, select 4 Utility.

  • Using Direct Panel Access:

    On a ChangeMan ZMF panel, type =1.4 in the Command or Option line and press Enter.

Using the Change Package List to Access Utility Requests

You can access the options listed on the Utility: Rename/Scratch Options menu directly from the Change Package List.

On the Change Package List panel, type one of the following in the line command for a change package and press Enter.

  • UA Rename and Scratch components (package driven)

  • UB Rename and Scratch components (baseline driven)