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Checking Out a Component

  1. From the Primary Option Menu, choose 1 (Build) and press [Enter].

  2. From the Build Options menu, choose 5 (Checkout) and press [Enter].

  3. On the Checkout Options panel, type the package ID, type “1” (Baseline/Promotion) in the Option field, and press [Enter].

  4. On the Checkout panel:

    1. Leave the Option field blank to perform checkout, or type “L” in the Option field to display a list of the libraries that contain the component.

    2. Type the component name to check out, or leave blank for a list.

    3. Type the component library type, or leave blank for a list.

    4. Type the source library (-n to 0 for a prior or current baseline, or level number +n for a promotion level).

    5. Type the checkout target library option:

       S - Staging
       P - Personal (if enabled by administrator)

    6. For a personal target library, type both the library name and the library data set organization.

    7. Select ‘Confirm overlay’ or omit to bypass.

    8. Type the checkout mode:

       1.  \- Online
       2.  \- Batch job
    9. Select ‘Lock component’ to place an immediate lock, or omit to bypass.

    10. Select Display component user options if desired.

    11. Press [Enter].

      For more details, see the “Checking Out a Component” chapter in the ChangeMan ZMF User Guide.