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Skeleton File Tailoring in ChangeMan ZMF

File tailoring obtains variable values from ISPF variable pools populated by ChangeMan ZMF programs. It obtains ISPF skeletons from libraries concatenated under the ISPSLIB ddname in the SERNET started task JCL. ChangeMan ZMF file tailoring builds batch JCL to perform the following functions:

  • Checkout in batch

  • Compile, assemble, and link edit (build) procedures

  • Promotion

  • Audit

  • Audit Auto Resolve

  • Batch freeze

  • Package distribution, installation, and baseline ripple

  • Package backout

  • Utility functions such as Component Compare, Print, and Copy (export)

  • Development and management of CICS web services.

Skeletons are delivered in the CMNZMF SKELS library in the ZMF installer.