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This table lists the utilities that support management of Db2 stored procedures, triggers, and user defined functions in the Db2 Option.

Program Name Functional Description Library Sub-type Type of Component
CMNDB2AV Activate SP versions N Native SQL stored procedure
CMNDB2DQ Extract CREATE SQL from SQL stored procedure source. Pass SQL to utility CMNDB2DD to define the stored procedure. Q SQL stored procedure
CMNDB2DD Execute CREATE SQL statements to register stored procedures, user defined functions, and triggers in a Db2 catalog. D N T (Q) CREATE SQL statement
CMNDB2SL Recycle stored procedures and external user defined functions in a WLM-managed address space. S Stored procedure and external user defined function load modules, REXX stored procedure.
CMNDB2TR Drop and recreate triggers to maintain the current firing order when a trigger for the same table/event/time is changed or added. T Trigger
CMNDB2DR Report CREATE PROCEDURE and CREATE FUNCTION in a change package that have dependencies that will interfere with the DROP automatically issued by the Db2 Option before the CREATE is executed. D Q CREATE SQL