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Adding Affected Applications

The Create: Affected Applications panel (CMNCRT05) is displayed if you are creating a participating package (Package Level 4).

CMNCRT05       Create: Affected Applications             Row 1 to 12 of 12             
Command ===>                                              Scroll ===> PAGE

Complex/super package .......ACTP4

___     GENL           
___     ACTP            
___     ____             
___     ____
___     ____
___     ____
___     ____         
******************************* Bottom of data ********************************

This table describes the fields and options available on the Create: Affected Applications panel.

Field Description
Line Command In: Insert n lines. The n is optional.
Rn: Repeat a line n times. The n is optional.
Dn: Delete n lines. The n is optional.
Complex/super package Enter the package ID of the Complex or Super package associated with this participating change package.
Appl Enter the three or four (3-4) character mnemonic for the application affected by this change package. When you freeze your participating package, planned approvals that are defined as Interfacing Approvals in the affected application are assigned to your package.


You can leave the Create: Affected Applications panel blank when you create your package and use the Update Package function to provide the information later.

When you finish typing information on the Create: Affected Applications panel, press Enter, and the next panel in the create package process is displayed. Your new change package is not created until all new package information has been entered and validated.