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CMNDB2PL Return Codes and Messages

This table shows the return codes issues by program CMNDB2PL:

Return Code Description
RC=00 No errors are detected and no warnings are issued.
RC=04 Warning is issued. Warnings can usually be ignored, but care must be taken with warnings about default actions. Example 1: If no AUTHORITY= card is specified in the control statements, AUTHORITY=OWNER is assumed. Example 2: If no SERNET instance subsystem ID is passed as a program parameter, then CMNDB2PL assumes a “null” subsystem and issues the warning return code.
RC=12 Severe error, processing is halted. ## Modify Return Codes

Use these control statements allow the bind step to process when CMNDB2PL encounters a problem. See Program Level Control Statements.

These keyword control statements modify the return code issued by CMNDB2PL.



These control statements bypass error conditions:




All messages issued by plan lookup program CMNDB2PL are explained in the ChangeMan ZMF Messages Guide.