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Freezing a Package

  1. From the Primary Option Menu, choose 2 (Freeze) and press [Enter].

  2. On the Freeze Options panel:

    1. Type the package ID.

    2. Type the freeze mode in the Option field:

        1.  - Online       Freeze package online
        2.  - Batch        Freeze package in batch
        3.  - Selective    Selectively unfreeze/refreeze package components
        4.  - Reset        Reset indicator after unsuccessful batch freeze
        5.  - Re-Build     Re-submit install JCL build request
      3. Press [Enter].

  3. If a freeze processing error occurs, type “4” (Reset) in the Option field and press [Enter] to resume freeze processing at Step 2.

    For more details, see the “Freezing a Package” chapter in the ChangeMan ZMF User Guide.