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Auditing a Package

  1. From the Primary Option Menu, choose 1 (Build) and press [Enter].

  2. From the Build Options menu, choose 7 (Audit) and press [Enter].

  3. On the Audit Change Package panel:

    1. Type the package ID.

    2. For Audit Part. Package, input:

     1 - the participating package as a simple package.
     2 - the participating package as a primary package.
     3 - the participating package by department number.
    3. Autoresolve parms - Optionally type a dataset name for additional automatic resolve processing parameters.

    1. Select desired options:

      • Audit staging libraries only

      • Include history records

      • Format report for printing

      • Specify the application scope

      • Suppress Passed/Failed message from audit job

      • Include Cross Appl Headings

      • Print top line only of Cross Appl Headings

      • Lock the package while audit is running

      • Reset the audit lock if the audit job did not finish

      • Automatically resolve out-of-synch conditions

      • Update only this package rc

    2. Type the JCL job statement to be used for the audit job.

    3. Press [Enter].

  4. Review the audit report in the audit job. See "Out-of-Synch Conditions" on page 15.

    For more details, see the “Auditing a Package” chapter in the ChangeMan ZMF User Guide.