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Navigating Panels

There are several ways to navigate the hierarchy of ChangeMan ZMF menus, submenus, and functional panels to access the function you want to use.

Using the Menu Hierarchy

You can access every function in ChangeMan ZMF by following a path through menus and submenus.

Starting on the Primary Option Menu, select an option by typing the option number or letter in the Option field, then press Enter. If a submenu is displayed, select an option on that menu, repeating the process until you reach the function you want to execute.

For example, to access the Audit Change Package panel:

  1. On the Primary Option Menu, type 1 in the Option field and press Enter to display the Build Options menu.

  2. On the Build Options menu, type 7 in the Option field and press Enter to display the Audit Change Package panel.

    To return to a previous menu or panel, type End in the Option or Command field and press Enter, or press PF3. To return to the Primary Option Menu, press PF4.

    Use panel-by-panel navigation to learn ChangeMan ZMF. When you become familiar with the functions in ChangeMan ZMF and how they are arranged in the panel hierarchy, you can use other methods of navigation.

Accessing Panels Directly

You can access ChangeMan ZMF submenus and functional panels directly from other panels in the panel hierarchy.

In the Option field or Command field of the panel you are on, first type an equal (=) or plus (+) sign. This is followed by a sequence of numbers and letters separated by periods (.) that represent the sequence of menu options you would use to reach the desired function from the Primary Option Panel using the menu hierarchy.

For example, to reach the Audit Change Package panel from another panel in ChangeMan ZMF, type one of the following in the Option or Command field and press Enter:


You can often type a direct panel access path in other fields on a panel besides the

Option or Command field, which makes direct panel access very efficient.

When you press PF3 from a panel you accessed directly, you are usually returned to the Primary Option Menu. In addition, you can always return to the Primary Option Menu by pressing PF4.

Accessing Panels Using the Change Package List

Almost all package functions in ChangeMan ZMF are available on the List - Display (to process) package list, which is Option 5 on the Primary Option Menu. In the Change Package List, the hierarchy of ISPF menus and submenus is restructured into a list of two- character options that you can type as line commands on a package list panel. If you typically work with a single package or a group of related packages, the Change Package List is an especially efficient way to work in ChangeMan ZMF.

The Change Package List is described in Managing Packages With The Package List.