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Creating a Change Package

  1. From the Primary Option Menu, choose 1 (Build) and press [Enter].

  2. From the Build Options menu, choose 1 (Create) and press [Enter].

  3. On the Create A New Package panel:

    1. Type “L” (Long method), “S” (Short method), “D” (No Description) or “I” (No Implementation instructions) in the Option field.

    2. Type the package title, the application, and the requestor’s name and telephone number.

    3. Optionally type the work request ID and the department (these field names may be changed).

    4. Type the package level:

          1.  \- Simple
          2.  \- Complex
          3.  \- Super
          4.  \- Participating

    5. Type the package type (Planned or Unplanned).

    6. Type the package time span (Permanent or Temporary).

    7. Optionally type a package to copy forward.

    8. For unplanned packages, type a reason code.

    9. For temporary packages, type a change duration.

    10. Press [Enter].

      Steps 4-5 are skipped if the Short Method was chosen in Step 3.

  4. On the Package Description panel, type a free-form description of the package and press [Enter].

  5. On the Installation Instructions panel:

    1. Type the problem contingency action (for documentation only).

    2. Type the installation method:

      CMN - ChangeMan ZMF scheduler

      MAN - Manual installation

      OTHER - External scheduler

    3. Type free-form implementation instructions. Press [Enter].

  6. Optionally type on the User Panel, as required. Press [Enter].

  7. On the Site Information panel, type the install date and time, the primary and backup contact names and phone numbers, and then Press [Enter].

For more details, see the “Creating a Change Package” chapter in the ChangeMan ZMF User Guide.