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Apply a Db2 Option License

If you license the Db2 Option at the same time that you license ChangeMan ZMF, the license for the option is applied when you apply the license for the base product. You do not have to take further action to enable the Db2 Option.

If you license the Db2 Option after you apply licenses for ChangeMan ZMF and other selectable options, use the SER10TY™ License Manager to add a license for the option. See the SER10TY User Guide for instructions on how to apply a license. The load modules, JCL, and other components that you need to run SER10TY are included in the SERCOMC libraries in the ChangeMan ZMF installer

After you have applied a license, shut down the SERNET started task where ChangeMan ZMF runs and restart the task.

Then, follow these steps to verify that the Db2 Option is activated.

  1. Connect to ChangeMan ZMF through ISPF.

  2. From the Primary Option Menu type =A.G.O on the Option line to jump to the Global Selectable Options panel CMNGBSOP:


Do not change the delivered names except to code the embedded subsystem. Program CMNDB2SQ issues an internal SET CURRENT PACKAGESET CMNx command that determines which DBRM is used for the ChangeMan ZMF instance that is issuing the command.

CMNGBSOP                    GLOBAL Selectable Options
Option ===> ____________________________________________________________

2  Db2               Maintain Db2 information
3  INFO              Specify Info/Management change rule
4  OFM               Configure Online Forms Manager
5  IMS               Control Region IDs and Library Sub-Type information

If option 2 Db2 is highlighted, the activation is successful.