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The SYSIN for CMNCICS1 may also specify BUNDLE keywords following the TARGET keyword.

The format of the keyword is: BUNDLE=bundlename where bundlename is the name of the bundle as defined by the CICS system definition (CSD). The bundle keyword results in the deployment of a CICS transaction SEMB, which invokes CMNBUND, a new component in 8.2.0. Therefore, the ZMF resource definitions must be installed in each of has the suggested CSD define statements.

In the case of bundle, the ESA and SRB methods are not valid. Any of the operator commands or the XCI method is preferred.

The CMNBUND logic is as follows:

  • Verify that the BUNDLE exists

  • Discard the BUNDLE

  • Wait until the BUNDLE is completely discarded.

  • Install the BUNDLE

  • Check to see that the BUNDLE is installed.

For example: