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Step 14: Update RACF PassTicket Support in Sernet

Refreshing SERXPTIK

You will need to refresh SERXPTIK. SERSET loads SERXPTIK into common storage. By design, SERXPTIK is a very small piece of code that should rarely change. On occasion, however, it may need to be refreshed without an IPL.

To do this, rerun SERSET ensuring it will pick up the new version of SERXPTIK from STEPLIB and specifying a different TOKEN= value. For example, specifying TOKEN=B will result in the following message sequence:

SER1704I CSVDYLPA loaded SERXPTIK @ xxxxxxxx
SER1708I SerNet.PtickB token created
SER1708I SerNet.PtickTok token created
SER1709I Passticket support enabled
Once SERSET has executed, SerNet.PTickTok will point at SerNet.PTickB. This will cause SERCLIEN to invoke the new version of SERXPTIK with a different PC number.

The TOKEN= parameter will accept any value from A-Z and 0-9 but any use beyond A and, rarely, B would be highly unusual.