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Adding New Components

Depending on the staging restriction rule that your administrator defined, you can add new components to your application baseline libraries by adding components to a change package, then installing the package.

You can add a component to your change package with either stage from package or stage from development:

  • You can copy a component that you have developed in a library or sequential data set outside of ChangeMan ZMF by using stage from development.

  • You can clone a component in a ChangeMan ZMF staging or baseline library by typing the library and member name in the Data Set Name field on the Stage: From Development panel, and then type a new component name in the Stage Name field.

  • You can create an empty edit-in-stage session in a package that already contains components by typing the Edit command in the Command line of the Stage: package Components panel. The format of the Edit command is:

EDIT member.typ

where typ is a valid library type in your application.

You can fill the empty edit-in-stage session by manually coding the component, or you can use the ISPF edit COPY command to copy in any file or member to which you have read access.