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About Reverting a Package

The revert package function is used to return packages to development (DEV) status that have been previously frozen (FRZ), partially or fully approved (APR), or backed out (BAK).

Revert removes all previously entered approvals, unlocks package information and components, and opens the package back up to development.

When you revert a package, you must enter text on a Revert Reasons panel. This text explains why the package was returned to development and provides an audit trail for the revert action. Revert reasons can be viewed using the query package function.

A revert cannot be started whilst a promotion is in progress and attempts to do so will fail with the error message CMN3312A - Promote process is under way.

The revert package function changes the status of the entire package. If a package has been frozen and you want to update some package information or some package components, you may be able to selectively unfreeze and refreeze parts of the package instead of executing a revert. See Freezing a Package.