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Submitting a Batch Job to Generate a Report

As an alternative to selecting a report to generate online through the ChangeMan ZMF client, you can submit your own batch job outside of ChangeMan ZMF to generate a report. To do so: 1. Customize the REPORTS member of the CNTL library as follows (according to the comments in member REPORTS):

- Supply a valid JOB statement.

- Supply the appropriate variables for the target report.

- Specify the appropriate library names in the DD statements.
  1. Submit the job.


The ChangeMan ZMF ISPF client does not have to be running, but the started task does. The batch job connects directly to the SERNET started task.

Note the following items about the JCL that is submitted for execution when you select a report to generate online in ChangeMan ZMF or submit a batch job:

  • The SYSEXEC DD concatenation identifies where the REXX reporting programs are located. Not all installations have the optional REXX compiler. Therefore, the REXX source programs for the batch reports are shipped. If you have the REXX compiler at your installation, you can compile these source programs and store them in the CEXEC library if you wish. If you do, be sure to add the name of the CEXEC compiler library to the top of the SYSEXEC DD concatenation.

  • You always need a SER#PARM DD statement to identify the system to which you want to connect.

  • TCP/IP is used for communication across address spaces when a report is run. TCP/IP messages are written to SYSPRINT.

  • Diagnostic messages are written to SERPRINT.

  • Report output is written to SYSTSPRT.

  • If an abend should occur when you are running