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Freezing a Package Online

Follow these steps to freeze a package online.

  1. On the Freeze Options menu (CMNFRZ01), type your package ID in the Package field.

  2. Select option 1 Online.

  3. Press Enter.

  4. While ChangeMan ZMF is processing your freeze request, the In Progress panel is displayed, which shows what actions are being performed to freeze your package. For small packages, the panel may display for only a second.

  5. When freeze processing is complete, the status of your package is changed to FRZ, and an MVS SEND message is sent to the user specified in the Notify user field of the package. (You will not receive this message if you are the package creator and this field is blank or if you are the user specified in this field.)

  6. If installation JCL is built at freeze, a file tailoring server is started in a separate address space. When file tailoring for installation JCL completes, you receive this message.

    CMN8700I - *packageID* Installation JCL Build service completed CN(INTERNAL)